Ian Meier & Coronavirus News

Issued by the Trustees of the Romney Marsh Historic Churches Trust

Before addressing the prevailing issue of the COVID-19 virus and its impact, we are very sad to tell members that our Treasurer, Ian Meier, died very suddenly a few weeks ago. Ian was a very meticulous keeper of the necessary records, and a dedicated enthusiast of the churches. We have a number of Council members who undertake liaison with specific churches, and Ian was the “Snave man” over and above his Treasurer duties. We have lost a good and firm friend. Preparation of the Annual Accounts for 2019 have been impaired very little, due to Ian’s timely record-keeping and draft preparation.

It will be evident to members that the predicted course of the COVID-19 virus pandemic is likely to compromise our planned Annual General Meeting on May 16th at Newchurch. At the time of publishing this bulletin, we have taken no decision. Meeting notices are posted in April, and the Trust Council is likely to take a decision early in April. Regrettably, we can say no more at the moment.

March 14th 2020