West Window


1. Project

The refurbishment of masonry of the west window of south aisle at All Saints, Lydd (2015-2016)

2. Reason for Involvement

Reported by the church’s architect that the west window was beyond piecemeal repair and needing substantial replacement.

3. Scope of project

An Architect supervised the builder and stonemason to provide stonework and glazing repairs. Estimate £27,290

4. Budget and Grants

An estimate of £27,920 was provided and a £25,000 grant was agreed by the Trust in 2015, followed by a further £9,000 in 2016 due to the severity of the works.

5. Progress and updates

Work during Summer 2016 revealed additional severe erosion, necessitating replacement of stonework in the upper part of the window, plus additional glazing costs. Additional grant agreed by the Trust – £9,000.

6. Final Outcome

Completed late 2016. Total grants made by Trust £34,000