Tomb Restorations



The Restoration of eight tombs in the churchyard of St Augustine, Brookland

Reason for Involvement

All the monuments, two of which are listed, were in a badly dilapidated condition with substantial growth of vegetation in and around the tombs.

Scope of Project

St Augustine’s architect obtained a faculty from the Diocese of Canterbury on behalf of the PCC, and supervised the project throughout. The reconstruction of the monuments, which were of 18th and 19th century origin, was undertaken by a stonemason and building engineer. However, it was first necessary for an arborculturist to remove the vegetation. This was a delicate and sensitive task as so much of the growth was from inside the monuments. One of the 18th century box tombs was surrounded by iron railings, which were also in a very poor state of repair, and needed to be removed for restoration by a firm of metalworkers.

Budget and Grants

The project was estimated to cost £31,430, including architect’s fees. The Trust agreed to cover the full works in 2016-17, less £1,500 contribution from Kent County Council. Savings amounted to £4,494 so the final grant made by the Trust was £25,436.

Project Update

November 2017 The work has been completed, apart from the raising of the headstone of one of the tombs to the vertical position, which will shortly be undertaken by the stonemason.

Final Outcome

The project was completed successfully in 2018.