The Trust Council is still active!

January 2021

It is now January 2021, and nobody will be surprised that there is very little to report about recent Trust matters. Life has nearly ground to a halt for most of us. As has been reported, after the Annual General Meeting in September, there was a brief meeting of the Trust Council, which had not met for nine months due to the pandemic. David Williams was co-opted and elected as Treasurer, and decisions taken in the interim by the Trust Executive Committee (including grants) were ratified.

The Council met again for a full meeting in October (as is usual) and determined a number of grants, including help for Brenzett in respect of bird entry problems, and gutter problems at Burmarsh, Brookland and Fairfield. A grant to Ivychurch for several other maintenance issues was agreed.

Quinquennial inspections at Snargate and Brenzett have revealed likely costs of £50,000. Details are awaited.

There was discussion of the website, and of provisional plans for the 2021 Annual General Meeting. We hope to revive our original plans for 2020 and return to Newchurch with Sandra Howard as our speaker.

Since Christmas it is again evident that inactivity will be the order of the day for some time, so this interim news account serves mainly to ensure readers that we are still doing something. The accounts for 2020, are in preparation, though it looks probable that full meetings of the Trust Council will be on hold for a while. Let us hope that, perhaps by May or so, we shall all be able to gather again in one of our beloved churches