Chairman’s Annual Report 2018

Feedback on the progress of the trust

Once again, it gives me great pleasure to present the Trust’s annual accounts to you.
Our finances are robust, the membership stable and most importantly, the churches
we support are almost certainly in a better state of repair than at any time in the
history of this Trust.

The Trust’s assets currently stand at a little over £800,000, a drop from the record
levels of the previous year. The reasons for this are twofold. Firstly, stockmarkets had
a difficult year in 2018 and in common with most other investors, the value of our
portfolio fell by some £60,000 during the year. Secondly, in 2017, the Trust made
relatively modest grants totalling £48,000 against our budget of £80,000. As I
mentioned in the 2017 report, the unused element was carried forward and this was
utilised last year with the result that our grants in 2018 amounted to a little over

The majority of our grants are awarded in March each year which enables the
churches to carry out any repairs and restoration work in the summer months.
Significant grants are paid out against invoices or architects’ certificates once the work
is completed, which of course may be some months – or even years – after the original
grant has been made. Last year, a number of grants were made at our October
meeting for work to be carried out during the course of this year and those of you
with a keen eye for figures will note the increase in creditors on our balance sheet;
this reflects those grants “made but not paid”.

Nine of the churches we support received grants last year. These included St George’s
Ivychurch which received just over £30,000 for restoration work to be carried out in
the nave, south aisle, porch and the door to the tower; £25,000 to St Peter and St
Paul, Dymchurch for a new heating system; £22,000 to St Mary in the Marsh for a
variety of repairs following their quinquennial report; £10,000 to St Mary’s East
Guldeford, being an initial grant for the installation of toilet facilities and also £10,000
to All Saints, Lydd for wire mesh window guards.

This year’s Annual General Meeting will be held on 18 May and we will be returning
to Dymchurch for the first time since 2013. Our speaker will be Richard Oldfield, Vice
Lord Lieutenant of Kent and also a Trustee of the Canterbury Cathedral Trust.
Lunch will be at Dymchurch village hall with the meeting starting, as usual, at
2.30pm. Numbers at the lunch have been a little disappointing in recent years and it
is hoped that as many of you as possible will be able to come. It is a good opportunity
to see old friends again and also meet members of the Council, many of whom act as
waiters and servers on the day!

As I have often mentioned in the past, all Council members give their time for free.
This includes our Treasurer, Ian Meier; Secretary, Elizabeth Marshall; Membership
Secretary, David Hanbury and Tour Leader, John Hendy. To all these and others, we
owe a great debt of gratitude for their hard work over many years. Without their
efforts, the Trust would simply cease to function and whilst none of them seems to
show any signs of flagging, we are always on the look out for new recruits to the
Council. In particular we are looking for someone who can assist with maintaining the
Trust’s website as well as handling our publications, such as Christmas cards and if
any of you know of any willing volunteers who can help, please contact me or any
Member of the Council.

Having dipped a few years ago, sales of Christmas cards have picked up in the last
two years, thanks in part, I believe, to a larger selection of cards. This year we will
have three new cards, a painting of Snargate from our indefatigable President, John
Doyle; a photograph of Snave by John Hendy and a set of five cards depicting the
Angel Frieze at East Guldeford. Each pack of ten cards will contain two sets of five
cards each with a different angel on the front and back. A slight variation for us but
one I hope will prove popular. Without exception, over the years, our angel cards
have been our best seller.

Dates for the diary. The Members Tours will take place on 20 July and 31 August. As
usual, these will be hosted by Joan Campbell and Elizabeth Marshall and this year’s
tours will take in St Augustine, Brookland, St Eanswith, Brenzett and St Peter and St
Paul, Dymchurch which will also include The New Hall, once the headquarters for
law and order on the Marsh and now an interesting museum. The Trust’s annual
Thanksgiving service at Snave will be held on Sunday 8 September at 3pm. I am
delighted that Canon John Dilnot has kindly agreed to preach at our service and I
hope as many of you as possible will be able to come. Although there is no musical
accompaniment, Nick Hudd always produces a marvellous choir and when full, the
church’s acoustics are really something. Do come if you can.

Once again, my thanks go to all our many members and friends who support us so
generously. Without you there would be no Trust and worse still, I fear a number of
churches would have been declared redundant.

Peter Anwyl-Harris

Summarised Financial Statements 2018

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